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Walk like an Egyptian

Have you ever been so captivated by an author and repeatedly astounded by the creativity in the world they create for you? I have been an avid YA reader for a while. My most prized possession growing up was my library card (Yea, I know...NERD but I don't care). Anyway, in the last couple of years I found and have been totally engrossed with books from Rick Riordan. I can't tell you how much I loved his Percy Jackson & The Olympians series followed by The Heroes of Olympus. The way that he took Greek and Roman mythology (which I love) and reinvented it, telling these stories with such vigor and intrigue while educating you on mythology is amazing. For some reason I put off reading one of his other series, The Kane Chronicles, for the life of me I can not tell you why but since picking it up I have been immersed in the amazing story of Carter and Sadie Kane. The trials of losing their mother at an early age, growing up apart due to Sadie being raised by their grandparents and Carter being raised by their father, finding out their family is descendants of gods (or at least hosts of godly forms), being able to use magic, being hunted by an organization that once housed and protected them as well as an evil god who are all trying to kill them, AND teaching you about Egyptian mythology at the same time, this book is a page turner.


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