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Ok, I don't know what the popular opinion is regarding the Venom movie. I will say that although I tried, I did not go into it with an open mind. I mean, how can you have a Venom origin story without Spiderman??? Come on. On the surface it makes no sense BUT if you put that aside and think ok.. it's just a movie and we've already gotten some pretty bad comic book movies (**cough** 2015 Fantastic Four **cough, cough**)

1. Tom Hardy is a great actor, he's hot,

2. Venom is actually kind of funny,

3. The special effects look good

4. They do a good job of making sure you hate the villain.

Its a pretty decent adaptation. I will say, I wish is was R-rated. Almost every scene I wanted to see Venom rip someones face off. The implied violence gets old. It does leave room to introduce Spiderman and unlike a lot of these superhero/anti-hero movies I'd watch it again. I wonder how they are going to introduce Carnage. Are they going to further explain the symbiotes origin? I'm intrigued.

What are your thoughts?


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