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Sandriel's Lament

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

The journey of two sisters, youth, innocence and hardship in a world of magic and danger

Sandriel's Lament

Chapter 1

"Get away, we have to get away,” she whispered as she ran. The brush scraped against her exposed arms and the twigs hurt her bare feet, but she would not stop moving. "Why would they kill papa?" she murmured. The young girl's tears flowed freely, but she knew her only hope would be to get far away quickly. She clutched tightly at the small satchel she was able to grab before rushing from the only home she had ever known, her father lying dead on the floor. She shuddered at his last words to her, "Sandriel, search for Nilrem... he will protect you." She thought hard but she could not remember her father ever mentioning that name before. Once she regained her composure she remembered something her father had taught her once the magic manifested. What were the words? She thought hard until the incantation came to her. Grabbing a piece of a candle from her satchel and rubbing the soft wax between her fingers she muttered, "Arorbrial silániel," and a small black pony appeared before her. It pranced a few feet to her left before halting, it’s brown eyes gazing intently into hers. It had a sleek onyx colored body and a mane peppered with dark grey and jet black hair. Cautiously, she approached. "Hi friend, we need your help. Please help us get away.” Bowing its head, the beast neighed softly as she reached out to stroke its face before turning to the person standing beside her. A petite, caramel skinned girl looked back at her with sorrow filled green eyes before she dropped her gaze. Sandriel gestured for to her to climb on. Trembling, the girl looked up from crying, eyes red and slightly swollen, and nodded. Instinctively, she handed over a small leather-bound book she had been holding. Sandriel’s eyes widened. “The spellbook! Thank the gods you had it.” Fidgeting with a small necklace around her neck, the other young girl paused before clumsily mounting the pony with shaking hands. Sandriel wiped away the girl's tears and once again stared into eyes identical to her own, more than just sisters this was her twin. “Lauriel, we have to go now,” said Sandriel. Distraught, the girl grabbed Sandriel’s arm before gesturing over her heart and pointing in the direction of their home. “I know sister, but there is nothing we can do for him now. He told us to get to safety,” she said, climbing onto the pony behind her sister. Turning slightly, the girl silently gestured over her eye and made a movement that looked like breaking something. Sandriel hugged her sister close and said, “I did not see it either but we can’t worry about that now” then she reached around to grab the pony’s mane for support. She hoped it would be enough of a head start allowing them to find safety. They rode through the forest, never daring to look behind. With each passing tree, she listened intently for sounds in the brush and jumped at the slightest movement, but hearing no sounds of pursuit she dared to hope they were safe. Sandriel held her sister tight and tried to do a mental inventory; she knew she had a couple days of trail rations, a waterskin, a wand her father had owned, some corked vials of liquid she knew were magic but did not know what they contained. She knew there were other things in the satchel, but couldn’t remember what they were. I can’t believe I forgot the spellbook, that can not happen again. I will do better, she thought to herself.

Overwhelmed, she began to cry again. “We are all alone now. It’s just you and me Lauriel.” She let the tears flow freely as the wind whipped across her face. I have to be strong for the both of us now, she thought. Feeling her sister trembling, she whispered in her ear. “It’s ok Laurie, remember what Papa always told us. We’re stronger together and I’ll never let anyone hurt you. You’re my best friend.” Feeling her sister relax, Sandriel said, “Remember when papa found the spellbook? It was Mama’s. She had written little notes in the pages and he said he could hear her voice when he read them. He was so happy. I wish we could have known her. Remember the stories he would tell us about how they met and how much they were in love? He said she glowed when she found out she was having us. He talked about her so much it was almost like she was there.” Sandriel felt her sister calm the more she spoke about their parents until finally, she heard a soft snore. She repositioned herself to ensure her sister would not fall off the pony and let her sleep. She did not know how long they had ridden, but as they traveled further the temperature dropped and she felt her sister shiver. As they rode into the night, Sandriel hugged her sister tighter and whispered, "I'll keep us safe sister. I promise.”


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