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Rise from the Flames

Will she? Or are we just getting a regurgitated version of X3? Can we just cancel this movie and wait to see what Marvel/Disney does with the property? I for one would love nothing more than to see Xavier's Mansion in the end scene of Infinity War part 2.

As a self proclaimed fanboy since age 8, I have ALWAYS loved the X-Men and while I am a fan of Hugh Jackman's take on Wolverine the movies as a whole have been disappointing. I feel like the writers, producers and directors were more concerned with an original take on the source material rather than adapting the already amazing story lines in creative and inventive ways. Once they realized they would make millions regardless of the content it just went downhill from there. Fanboys like me will support the project because we thirst to see the images we grew up on appear on the big screen. Maybe we are part of the problem but hopefully this movie does not derail the Fox acquisition. Can you just imagine an Avengers vs X-Men movie or Schism or Utopia...the possibilities are endless.

At this point I wouldn't be mad if this Dark Phoenix was just shelved, maybe release it on Netflix after the merger.



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