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Productivity Block

So this weekend I had planned to get so much accomplished. I recently joined the #writingcommunity on twitter and have been getting a lot of positive feedback and support. Friday night I had a surge of inspiration and started to flesh out a fully realized villain for my story so come Saturday morning I was ready to edit some chapters and move on with finishing my book. Until, *dramatic music** dun dun dun, writers block!! I talked to my roommate about my story and within five questions about the villain I realized, "I guess they're not as fully realized as I thought"

Sometimes I get so sidetracked and wonder why am I even doing this? Will anyone ever even read my book and if they do will they think its garbage? I often have to talk myself down because eventually I realize, I am writing this story for me. I am writing this story for the little black and brown kids that love Harry Potter and Game of Thrones but want to see themselves reflected. I am writing this story to have more brown skinned girls that are heroines and brown skinned boys that aren't only seen as a threat. I am writing this story because I enjoy the magic and wonder of wizards and elves and why if its all fantasy can they not look like me?

Representation is important and I hope that eventually, writers block be damned! I finish this journey of story writing and Laila's Tome can be shared for all to enjoy.


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