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NYCC and Me

I've been going to New York Comic Con for the last 7 years and it has become a large part of my living experience in New York. It is a chance to see some of my favorite stars, meet new vendors, buy some fabulous merch and get inspired by creators that develop content that tickles my fancy. Above all I get to share the experience with friends and possibly make new ones. This year was extra special because my best friend who lives on the west coast flew out for his first NY Comic Con. I also got tickets to see Critical Role Live, one of my favorite shows, and was able to introduce one of my favorite people to one of my favorite things. Watching this cast playing a game of D&D live is something anyone that is into RPG's should experience. One hour into the show when my bestie was asking about character backgrounds I knew he was hooked.

Highlights of the con this year:

1. Critical Role live (seriously do yourself a favor and check them out

2. The Black Panther inspired kimoyo bead bracelet that I bought from Disney RockLove (

3. Sharing the experience with my best friend

4. All the fantastic cosplay that was walking around the convention floor

5. The Geeks of Color panel (panelist: YA author Mark Oshiro, CAKE Literary co-founder & author Sona Charaipotra, NYT bestselling comics writer John Jennings, children’s TV writer Geri Cole (Sesame Street), and moderated by Tor Books editor Diana M. Pho) seriously inspiring

Looking forward to next year:

1. Doing cosplay myself

2. Having a finished novel to introduce to people

3. Critical Role Live (fingers crossed)

4. Annual Comic Con with the best friend

So how was your con?


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