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Yesterday we lost a legend. I can't express the impact that the work of this man had on my life. Marvel comics has been a part of my life since my adolescence. I can remember saving my lunch money to buy comic books instead of eating. Not the best use of funds but to an 8 year old boy with no discernible athletic ability, hiding very deep in the closet with limited other outlets in the rural south, the opportunity to immerse myself in the fantasy world of superheroes, mutants and masterminds was the best thing in my world. I related to the X-Men because they were outcasts in a world they just wanted to exist in. I reveled in the exploits of heroes just trying to make the world a better place and even the villains that had skewed perspectives on what were right and wrong. Stan Lee's vision helped to mold countless minds and inspired millions of artist and writers. They storylines that marvel created in his tenure pushed boundaries and brought light to injustices. The legacy of Stan Lee will never be forgotten and I am so glad to be able to pay tribute to this man. You will be missed.



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