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Chilling Tales

Sooooo, I just finished "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and at first glance I didn't think I would like it.

1. I'm not that into horror

2. Its more Satan than magic

3. I don't understand how Ambrose is related

4. Why isn't Salem talking

To start, I know there is some campy aspect to the show it swings hard into the horror genre but still manages to be charming and at time funny when it needs to. They do a pretty good job of explaining that the coven belongs to the Church of Night which follows Satan but doesn't mean they are evil (there are definitely members that are evil but we shouldn't judge them as a whole). When the show starts we meet Sabrina and her aunts, then a new character, her cousin Ambrose but there is one main character trait that is different. I am not sure how he is related and it could just be my hang up but I couldn't help focusing on it. All I needed was a flashback of his parents or a picture of his mom, just something to explain it. Is he adopted, any explanation. As the show goes along you get to see how Sabrina deals with the duality of being mortal and witch. She struggles with not being able to fully share herself with her friends because it is again witch law and to protect herself and them. For anyone whose only connection to Sabrina is the 90's tv show, like me you were waiting for Salem to talk and while there is a moment when he is first introduced that he does that is it. Who knows if it will happen next season. Without giving away spoilers I will say that it is definitely worth seeing. Its a deliciously dark take on the character and the show just makes me want to go back and read the comic books it was based on. Favorite characters: Prudence Night from The Weird Sisters, Ms. Wardwell, Ambrose Spellman and Nicholas Scratch and Roz Walker. Each of them have an interesting relationship with Sabrina that helps to develop her character. After watching the season and talking about it with some friends I realize how much I actually like the show. I am invested in the character, I love the vision of the world, I appreciate the tone. I'm sold.

If you want to listen to a really good review of the first two episodes of Sabrina then check out the Now Try This podcast. ,

I can't wait to see what they do with season 2.


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