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Tizom Vanclief

Writer, Poet, Short Stories, Essays 
Current work:

Laila's Tome: A Vision's Dawn




I've always loved reading and fell in love with the fantasy genre a long time ago.  Writing for me has always been an escape, a way to express thoughts and dreams that I would otherwise be unable to relay.  I am inspired by the creativity around me and I just want to have others be as captivated in my words as I am with some of my favorite writes creations.

As a young boy I was drawn to comic books and science fiction.  I would save my lunch money to buy the newest issue of X-Men and would get lost in watching Star Trek with my father.  As a young man I found it easier to express my feelings through poetry and thus my love of writing began.  I hope to bring a fantasy world with complex characters that readers will enjoy.

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